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Issue with wireless link between two Picostation 2hp dropping every 5-10 mins

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 I have two Picostation 2hps set up as a wireless bridge between my house and garage for my camera system, but it seems to drop every 5 to 10 mins or so for a bit, then come back up.

 I have one inside my house, and the other on the nearest corner of my garage no more than 100ft away. I get about ~-60 dB for signal in the current arrangement. Here's what I've tried for troubleshooting so far from posts I've read:


 - Moved my indoor Picostation unit outside (no change)

 - Updated Picostation 2hp Firmware to latest version (no change)

 - Changed them from the "Access Point" and "Station" configs to WDS (no change)

 - Confirmed that there is no IP conflict on the network (one is set to, the other, and my router only allocates from & up)

 - Connected my laptop in the place of the camera DVR on the far end, continuously pinging my modem in the house to see if traffic volume was to blame (no change)

 - Changed wireless link channel to 11 so as not to interfere with existing wireless network (no change)


 I've also heard murmurs of some issue with simply having a computer with windows Vista connected to the network that could cause the link to continuously drop, and a hotfix for it, but my desktop is running Windows 8.1 and my laptop Windows 7. I was unfortunately unable to find if this issue was resolved in later versions of Windows.


 Just looking for any pointers on what next I could try, or perhaps if someone was able to resolve a similar problem themselves.


 Oh, also since I moved the Pico unit back into my house to the original position, they are now getting terrible signal strength. The link now only connects rarely, so I may have to permanently move it back outside.