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Re: Lost web interface on gateway after firmware update

@UBNT-Carlos wrote:


Is the problem persistent?

If that is the case, please try the following procedure:


Please let me know on your results.


Thank you 


Yes, it's persistant. I, too, got bitten by the downgrade from 1.x to 0.9 bug that others have mentioned. I learned that _after_ my earlier post and will try the remedies listed.


The system is not here at my house, so I'll have to wait until tomorrow to try the fixes.


I am fairly irriated that after scanning all the devices in the install app, now I have to go and add all the panels into the gateway manually. Why doesn't the gateway have a discovery button or something? Am I missing something?

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Re: Lost web interface on gateway after firmware update

jpaine619 wrote: Why are the inverters called ARRAY in the software? 

Historically, the PV panels gathered in a group are regarded as an array of panels. This expression becomes handy when you have installations that consist on more than one group of arrays, for example a site having: Roof1, Roof2, BarnRoof, etc. where Roof1 has Panel1,Panel2, ... and Roof 2 has Panel 1x,... etc. 


jpaine619 wrote: Do you guys know how confusing that is?

To be honest, you are not the first user to mention this. Said so, let me discuss internally in the team, we surely can come up with a wording improvement.