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Reflectivity Report



Is there a reflectivity report available for the SunMax panels? Basically showing the % of light reflected vs absorbed?


Also, do these panels have an anti-reflection coating?

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Re: Reflectivity Report


Sorry for the late reply.

After checking, this is our response:


1. How many % of light reflected vs absorbed?

Optical Transmission details are available on component level and are typical of the industry:


Glass: 90.5%, Front EVA: 91%, Back EVA: 91%.


A panel level optical performance is typically dictated by Isc. Some industries have glare requirements (installations around airport) and would perform those special tests. These are regular dark blue silicon cells. The industry also has a niche market for all black cells though these may not be price competitive to the mainstream cells.


2. Do these panels have an anti-reflection coating?


Yes, the glass had AR coating on it.