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Relay tower Power Source

We are planning to put up a relay tower for our main back-haul uplink. The problem is the total cost and number of batteries to be used. I want keep the equipement cost lowest possible to avoid high cost incase of theft which robbers always target the batteries.

Setting: I will put 2 airfiber 5xhd on the tower.
            : we live in tropical country its always sunny here
According to the solar tower guide.
if I use 2 5xhd that use 10watts I will need 80 amp-hour 

(12 x2 =20 x 24 = 480 x 4(days)=1920 x 2= 3840 watts)

so ill need 4 12v 80 amp-hour battery in series to power the tower. 


Question 1: 4 100 amp-hour battery cost 100 usd here it will cost 400 usd for 4 batteries. isn't it cheaper just to buy one 100 amp-hour battery and a dc->ac inverter to power the device?


Question 2: Can someone explain to me the difference , effciency and how long the battery can last between "using multiple battery in series and parallel battery" and one battery that is inverted dc to ac to produce 110v/220v

Any tips how to secure the tower when it's high above the mountain

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Re: Relay tower Power Source

DC-AC has extra loss. it takes power to convert. about the same power it takes just to run the radio. For two radios I use 4x 200ah batterys, seal/gel. Do not get flooded style lead acid unless you want to keep adding water in your tropical everviorment.


Use a solar controller that has a load side that you can set the low voltage cut out with to save your batt from over discharge. Try and keep things 24v for the lowest loses. I like the Victron solar charge controllers.