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Sunlink access?

Is there any way to get access to sunlink again, i used it a long while back but now it seems to be blocked and tied to ucrm somehow now, but it's got me confused, I'm trying to see what the maximum size system we can fit on a roof is but.... no access so can't tell

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Re: Sunlink access?

I am looking for access to sunlink as well thanks. 

Ubiquiti Employee
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Re: Sunlink access?

[ Edited ]

Now sunlink.ubnt.com as it is being redirected to https://www.ubnt.com/sunmax/sunmax/.

Because we found "sunlink" is trademarked by other company.

And currently we find some security issues in sundesign.ubnt.com, you can check the detail in topic "sundesign.ubnt.com down".

UBNT_Sean already explained this. I'm sorry now the design tool is not available.