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need help sunmax not working

i have a gateway and 2 panels the gateway shows online but microinverters show offline i need help troubleshooting.

microinverters and gateway are new, i can hear the inverters humming durring sun light hours, any thoughts?

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Re: need help sunmax not working

Hi @kc5vub:


Please provide a few more details on your instalation:

1. Is the solargw located close to the microinverters?

The solargw should be located a couple of meters from the install i. e. <10m for better results.


2. Are you checking the status from your smart phone?

You can also try to log into the web desktop interface to double check.



You can also log into the solar gateway with ssh access using the local ip of your gw,

and the default user and password, then run the command suntop:



After doing so, you should be able to see a console interface listing your inverters and real time status of inverters, and error messages if any. From this outcome we can debug further.


Thank you very much,



cc. @Andrejs