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sunMAX Software Updates [5 August]

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sunMAX Install Mobile App - v1.0.8 (5 August 2016)

Download today on Google Play for Android OS.


I'm happy to announce that sunMAX Install for Android is officially out of beta! Since a few releases went by without a post here, I'll list the changes over the past few versions.


Changes for v1.0.8:


In 1.0.7-beta and earlier, your login would expire after a preset time. Usually this would kick you back to the Login screen but sometimes things would silently fail. Now, if any attempt to contact the server fails, we'll sign you back in and try again. This should greatly reduce user frustration.


We've also improved the Testing screen:

  • MAC addresses for every kind of device.
  • Better fault display, including a couple fault types added in recent Microinverter/End Run firmware.


Changes for v1.0.7-beta:


Added support for european end-run connectors (EC-EU) in supported regions. They may be scanned and deleted just like gateways and panels.

Added detailed feedback for all sunMAX server operations (scanning, deleting, etc.) with user-friendly explanations if something goes wrong.

Added a check for duplicate MAC addresses when scanning sunMAX devices.

Fixed a bug on the Testing screen that caused erroneous display if the Android device went to sleep.



Changes for v1.0.6-beta:


General usability improvements:


  • don’t crash when the user returns to the app after a long time. if necessary, return to the login screen to begin a new SSO session.
  • allow the device to go to sleep at all times unless waiting for airGateway provisioning.

Login screen improvements:


  • persistent credentials
  • improved layout
  • clickable ToS/privacy policy links.

Site and panel management:


  • when site status is “installed”, don’t allow panel locations to be deleted.


Changes for v1.0.5-beta:


  • Improved address recognition (geocoding).
  • Added a “DONE” button to the Site Add and Site Info Edit screens.
  • UI performance improvements.

Changes for v1.0.5-beta (11 May 2016):



  • Improved site add / edit UI. For EU: this lets you choose from regulatory regions based on the country the site is located in.
  • Combined panel layout and panel list screens into one tabbed layout.
  • Added a Gateways list screen, similar to the Panel List view. Removed the extra QR code scanning screens that made setting up gateways cumbersome.
  • Finally, improved the Testing screen to show individual gateway status, as well as showing fault details (“AC Not Connected”, etc.).