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CE Ideas to advance career options

Hello Forum,

I'm looking for continuing education credits for 2018. Can anyone suggest useful certifications/training opportunities that would help advance an all-rounder's career opportunity?


Thanks again,




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Re: CE Ideas to advance career options

I think that depends on what sort of "all-rounder" you are, and what you want to "advance" in. There are "certifiers" willing to take your money in many, many directions.


I speak as someone with a BSCS and CPR as my only current certifications, which cover my needs perfectly well. 


7 years ago when I was schooling myself on Fiber I went to several conferences and online training sessions that offered BICSI CE credits; I picked up a few things, but frankly didn't find most classes to be all that informative if you actually had done any background reading, and most were really non-subtle sales pitches if they were not tedious review of the most basic basics that half a day of reading would get you, for people that don't read much. I did not develop an interest in joining (i.e. spending money on) BICSI and I did build a singlemode fiber network which still works.


Now, if you were already a BICSI cardholder, needed CE to keep in certificaton, and didn't know much about fiber, you might get something (at least your card punched) from that sort of thing; but I'd still suggest you spend the half a day reading so that you can find some more interesting questions to ask and possibly learn something useful (the presenters are generally knowlegable, it's just that the expectations seemed universally low...)


Cisco certs are useful if you want to work with Cisco stuff; I don't see that happening ever here, and I don't particularly want to commute to where they'd be of any use to me, so I have no interest. 


Since you're asking here, presumably you might be interested in the various Ubiquiti certifications - they seem expensive to me, but my employer does not require certifications and I do pretty well learning what I need to know myself. There was an amusing thread I dropped in on where I was lead to speculate about whether an air ticket to Prague and taking the class there would be cheaper in total than the class here, but I wasn't all that serious and didn't really follow it up. It did seem possible, as the class was a lot cheaper there and held in English.

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