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Entire Staff Replacing PowerLINK 8W - Passive PoE 24V with Ubiquiti U Installer's

I work for a WISP that is moving away from using  PowerLINK 8W - Passive PoE 24V

We have not been happy with the quality of this product. Ethernet ports keep breaking, they sometimes have a mind of their own...

We are wanting to move to the Ubiquiti U Installer


We have purchased 1 Ubiquiti U Installer for testing.

We are wanting to move the entire field staff over to these devices... However we have ran into an issue


We have a Diverse Network made up of; UBNT, MIKROTIK, ePMP 1000 etc.

We are slowly moving away from Mikrotik and are deploying UBNT & ePMP product.

Testing both network options for our needs.


The Ubiquiti U Installer does power the ePMP 1000 (Force CPE's) as they utilize the same power.

However we can not access the Interface.


Does anyone have any suggestions on this?

We would like to purchase a dozen of these and replace them as needed. However if they will not work with our Entire network then we will stay with the PowerLINK.


Your help is greatly appreciated,