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POE Injector with both ports supplying POE??

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I have a few places where i end up with daisy chained POE injectors that would be super helpful to have a single injector that powered both a radio (NSLM5) and a camera (usually a UVC Bullet).  Anyone know where you get them or if they exist?


I have read some not so good reviews about the secondary port on the NSM5 not powering a second device reliably, any thoughts on this?  If it is strictly a power division issue and needs a higher wattage/voltage supply I have a couple of those.

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Re: POE Injector with both ports supplying POE??

If your using the supplied NS 0.5A PoE and running a G3 cam on the secondary port of the NS you are near the limit of the PoE during start-up and IR uses. I have a NS-M5 using a 1.0A PoE with a G3 bullet on the secondary port for close to 2 years now with no hiccups.


I know of no out of the box 2 port PoE, but have a look at “option C” here;   

Just picture a UVC-G3 in place of one of the NS.



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Re: POE Injector with both ports supplying POE??

The new NanoSwitch might be an option (you'll need beta access to read that forum).