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Protect's "Unlimited Scalability" - I Think Not

Not posting this in the protect thread, as I feel its more of a marketing problem.

Pretty sure 20 cameras is not unlimited, its a cap and not a high one.


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Re: Protect's "Unlimited Scalability" - I Think Not

In the home market, it’s hard to find uses for I read than 20 cameras 

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Re: Protect's "Unlimited Scalability" - I Think Not

Thanks, I'll pass your feedback on.
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Re: Protect's "Unlimited Scalability" - I Think Not

Thanks for the feedback, @CapeIT. The limit is 20 cameras per Cloud Key Gen2 Plus (aka CK+), but you can add as many CK+ to your free Ubiquiti cloud access as you want. The apps and web interface are designed to quickly switch between your different Protect systems.


CK+ is the launch platform for Protect, but it's not the end of the line. We'll continue to expand the Protect product line in the future to cover different installation types and sizes.

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Re: Protect's "Unlimited Scalability" - I Think Not

Robert’s blogpost mentions “The new cloud key can manage 20+ cameras while simultaneously providing UniFi network management and new hardware later this year will significantly increase camera scalability further.”


He also makes comparisons to Cisco and Axis so I presume he wants to target SOHO and SMB. Not to open a can of worms here but opening up Protect to run on Linux / docker would be a real easy way to offer that ‘unlimited scalability’