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Take control away from my ISP and support myself

I consider myself a Prosumer. I can handle advanced material, but It's not my job and I only need to know enough to get my job done. My Goal is to take more control over my network away from my ISP provider.  Ultimately, I want to unplug one provider and plug in another with minimum disruption. I have 14 Cat 5e & Cat 6 terminating in a basement. 20 Wifi devices in the house.


Step 1: Eliminate ISP Wifi hardware.  

Ask Micro Center for a recommendation (my netgear WAP was constantly seeking a reboot). Installed a Unfi AP AC LP last week.  Love the control. Love the capabilities. Set up static IPs for Printers, individual SSIDs for kids (to turn them off when they should be studying, schedule bedtime offtimes)  ALL GOOD!!!


Step 2: Take out the ISP Router

New provider came in and cut over service.  Their router is crap.  Looking for direction here.



There seems to be 2 paths to go on.

1) Stick with Unifi product line.  Buy Cloud Key , Gate way, Switch.


2) Get an Edge Router



Are my assumptions True?  or is there another way to go?


Does the Management Console software work together with mixed hardware types, of do I still need two different software consoles?


Do I need a cloud key if I want to shut down the UniFi controller on the PC?  What do I lose if I do that? Only historic traffic patterns?


The material in support and community is very dense.  Is there a started guide to help me make these choices?


Are there other considerations I am missing?

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Re: Take control away from my ISP and support myself

I realize it's difficult for a consumer to make sense of the

multiple product lines; Ubiquiti doesn't provide a good

overview document to make this easier.


And it's not either/or: you can [and I believe should] mix-

and-match EdgeRouter with UniFi.


For example:

> buy a modem to replace your ISP modem [assuming that

   is how the Internet is delivered for you]; that modem will

   be in bridge mode, has no router or WiFi

> buy ER-X-SFP and configure it as your router, using its

   built-in Wizards; note they permit two providers

> buy multiple UniFi ceiling-mount access points, as needed

> configure the access points using a smartphone app, the

   full-featured controller on a PC, or Cloud Key--your choice.

   UnIFi is configured using one of those tools; EdgeRouter

   has its own built-in Web GUI.     Dave

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