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Tough Switch for local network with AP disk for wifi device to connect

( There are two images attached)
Currently we are facing issue on the wifi network drop in environment.

Our requirement is to connect iphones to access the computer data in a local environment. Number of wifi devices ( iphones and ipad are  in total 5 ) and assume we have 3 printers and computer. We need iphones to access the internet via local network gateway.




.1- We connect modem (internet) --->with wifi router -->router ( 2 ports are used) with and computer and tough switch---> and toughswitch ( remaining 7 ports)-->with devices ( at present 4 receipt printers and 3 AP disk. )


2-  To make locak area network we use router to give fixed ip to tough switch and AP disk and printers..



Now as we want local network setup..... then probably we do not want routers ( in case we omit printer from tough switch port and connect computer instead)


is it possible to give device ( 3 printers) to give fix ips via tough switch web management  and then we do not need router?

so port 1 --> internet coming from Modem

port 2,3,4 --> Ap disk for iphone to access the local network

port 5,6, 7 --> Receipt printers

port 8 --> Computer which has application and required to be accessed by iphones...


is this possible and if yes then how ?


and we do not know are iphones accessing wifi  dlink router or AP disk ?


Thanks in Advance