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Inventory and warehouse system

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Would be very nice if uCRM could to incorporate a Inventory and Warehouse system.

For example, a catalog that registers the purchased devices (Type, name, vendor, cost,  provider,  purchase date, warranty remaining and serial number), and how much are in stock.


By this way we could link the devices to the customers (if the device is on loan) or at least see how much stock it's remaining for request more to our providers.


Also another table for the warehouse that just we can "transfer" the items to the stock and use them.


Suspension Feature

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We would like the option to NOT Suspend clients on weekends and holidays.


So we can set suspension date like such:


Suspension is done on the 15th of each month.

If 15th falls on a weekend (ie Saturday and Sunday)

then suspend client the following Monday.




We can set suspension date for 2nd Tuesday of each month.



Monthly data download limit

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I have customer plans that vary according to the data download quota ...


BASIC plan: 100Gb / month
PRO Plan: 250Gb / month
BUSINESS PLAN: unlimited


When you reach the monthly download fee, the service can be disabled, or reduce your bandwidth. configuration example:


Activate download limitation: YES / NO
Download limit: XXX GB
Reduce bandwidth when reaching the monthly limit: xx% (0% deactivates the service)



Activate download limitation: YES
Download limit: 100 GB
Reduce bandwidth when reaching the monthly limit: 0%


In this case, when the client reaches the limit of 100GB of download, the internet service is disabled (showing a notification to the client). At the start of the first day of the following month, the download counter is restarted and the customer has the service again.


-------------------------------------------------- -

PRO PLAN: 20Mbps
Activate download limitation: YES
Download limit: 250 GB


Reduce bandwidth when reaching the monthly limit: 25%

In this case, when the client reaches the 250GB download limit, the bandwidth is reduced to 25% (5Mbps) until the end of the month.

Polished Dashboard Look

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The current UCRM Dashboard is pretty plain and generic.  Would like to see some additional information added to the dashboard as well.  Like top talking clients, problem devices, etc to give a quick view of network device statuses.


Would also like to see some of the customer information on the dashboard in some kind of graph form.  Maybe a month to month comparison.  Number of customers, invoiced amounts, new customers vs. lost customers.

UCRM Products

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It would be great if you could copy an existing product or service item.
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AirControl2 synchronization

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Technical and sales departmet with same data source. It would also be useful.