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Add 2 New Fields for Devices: Ethernet Port & Power Source

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Add two new fields to Devices --> Add Device --> Basic Information.


Ethernet Port: In our current database, when we look up a Device, we have information on where the ethernet link is (e.g., switch port number, router port number, LAN1 port of radio X, patch panel port number, etc.). That allows us to quickly identify which Device to access to check the ethernet link of another Device.


We have devices that are powered by building power (e.g. UPS), a PDU, a PoE switch, a PoE injector, etc. If we have to power-cycle a Device, our database tells us which Device to do that from. Plus, the Powering Device is hyperlinked, so we can click, login and execute port/decive reboot.



At Site A, Device:Rocket 5AC PTMP-1 is powered by DeviceMan TongueDU2-Port2, and ethernet is in DeviceMan Frustratedwitch1-Port4. And Device:Rocket 5AC Lite-2 is powered by DeviceMan TongueoESwitch1-Port3 and ethernet is in DeviceMan TongueoESwitch1-Port3.


At the moment, we can put that information in the Notes. But it would be nice to just have two more text-fields, labeled "Ethernet Port" and one labeled "Power Source". Then have this information show up under Devices/[DeviceName] --> Overview page (Ethernet Port under the Network Settings section and Power Source under the Basic Information section).


The field might look something like Ethernet Port: [(DeviceX) w/ hyperlink to DeviceX] Port: (text field for us to fill out). The DeviceX could be seletced just like "Parent Devices" selection, hyperlinked. The same for Power Source.


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I noticed there is the ability to add custom fields to the Client area, but not to Sites or Devices.  If we could add that same ability to create custom fields to these two tables, we'd have the problem above solved and one I am experiencing as well.  


We need to be able to detail things like serial numbers, MAC addresses, etc for devices.  We also need to be able to list specifics about sites such as what floor the equipment is on in a multi level building, or other location-specific details.  If we had the ability to add a few custom fields to Sites and Devices (similar to what is available for Clients), it would solve all these issues.