Allow Ticket system to email attachments

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I need the option to allow UCRM Tickets to email out attachments.


I use CRM as a client DB, ticketing, and Job scheduler. I do not and cannot use if for billing. A lot of times I am emailing prospective clients about site surveys done to determine if they can get our service.  They request these surveys using our website that has a survey request form that emails CRM.


We then create the client in the DB as a potential lead and then email them.  After the survey a lot of times we need to send them photos about their property (trees in shot, etc..) and sometime documents like how to install a pole/post.  Having to either email them separately outside of CRM is cumbersome, and as they are not clients yet we don't want to give them access to the client zone.


I definitley think there should be an optional switch to allow for sending email attachements directly from CRM.

on ‎11-28-2018 01:07 PM

Any chance this will become a feature or not?

on ‎01-22-2019 05:54 AM

@UBNT-Petr - Not trying to bother, but do you have any idea on if this request has been accepted and is put on the roadmap or if there is no future plans to allow emailling attachments from the ticketing system?

on ‎03-29-2019 04:01 PM



The planned changes to my Notification Plugin should be able to accomodate this.  To be sure my understanding is correct...


When you "Reply" to a Ticket in UCRM with an attachment, the Client should not only receive an email regarding the reply (as it currently works with UCRM), but also with the attached files that were added to the Ticket during the reply.


Sound right?