Better Integration with Stripe

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There are two areas that we're finding uCRM's integration is falling short.


1a)  From time to time customers call us to make adjustments to the services on their account by upgrading them to a faster service plan or downgrading them to a slower plan.  But the Recurring Payments feature isn't informed of these changes.  It just runs the same amount like clockwork in reliable increments.  I would like to see UCRM automatically charge customers based on the balance of their account at the end of the day.  So for example if there were $100.00 worth of invoices generated for a customer today, uCRM/Stripe would batch out that balance on a daily basis.  Or if a customer was set to a lower service plan, when that invoice is generated every month, that account would then be billed the appropriate amount instead of the old recurring payment amount that was previously hard coded on their account.


1b)  And then... if we added a credit to a customer's account, for example if they referred another customer to our company, that credit would be taken into consideration when that next invoice is processed, only the outstanding "negative balance" would be billed through Stripe.


2)  It would be great if refunds in uCRM made it over to Stripe.  If a uCRM user refunds a payment, it isn't processed on the Stripe side.  This is problematic for us because not all of the uCRM users have access to our Stripe account.


Thank you for considering these feature requests!

by Ubiquiti Employee
on ‎03-22-2018 05:51 AM

Hello @greenwifi, thank you for the request. For the first part of your request, we will be releasing new feature soon, which will at least partially help you solve this. In UCRM 2.11.0-beta1 you will be able to create a recurring payment plan linked with a service, which will have the amount updated automatically. That includes upgrading/downgrading the service plan, adding a surcharge, changing taxes, etc.

on ‎04-05-2018 02:13 PM
Hi Ondra, Do you have an update with 2.11.0-Beta1 will be released?
by Ubiquiti Employee
on ‎04-05-2018 11:52 PM

Hello @TLane-CampComm, it was released yesterday.

on ‎04-06-2018 07:25 PM

This is major for me as well, glad that improvments are being made. I used to run subscriptions direct in stripe before UCRM, and everything about UCRM is awesome except it was lacking a bit with stripe. 


One thing I was wondering, is why when a customer creates a plan, that UCRM cant query through the API to stripe and show the last 4 digits of there card, and its expiration in UCRM. I get a lot of people that are confused, and would like to be able to see what card is saved on file without calling, and us logging into stripe to make card updates. 


Secondly, I have noticed the recurring payments make a seperate customer in the stripe database, and everytime that customer pays a invoice manually through their UCRM login, it makes a new stripe customer. I have a lot of clients that pay manually every month, but more who pay varying invoices for IT work in addition to the recurring monthly ISP bill. my Stripe customer database is getting very cluttered with repeat enteries.


It would be great if they could punch in their card number like they do now in UCRM, it gets securely stored on stripes end, and they can either check a box to authorize automatic payments of any invoices generated for their account, or at least if the card was stored(on stripes end) and they could click pay now on UCRM and it would runt he card they put in the first time


on ‎04-06-2018 07:31 PM

Also not to hijack this request, but it is integration related, would love it if UCRM notfied me when a credit card in stripe failed to process, as of right now, I have to login to stripe to periodically see if any of my clients cards were declined.