Digitally sign Service Agreement forms

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With a section for digital documents on the roadmap now. Let's have new clients sign documents digitally on a phone or tablet. I always setup U-CRM for the client with them in front of me to verify the contact info. If I could get them to digitally sign the Service Agreements there, I would have paperless installs. (I'm always forgetting the pen)

on ‎03-09-2018 07:02 PM

I agree with this.  If I can make UCRM work for me, this feature would mean that there would be VERY little that would have to be done back at the office after an install is completed.  During the account creation, the apporpriate service agreement can be selected, the customer can digitally sign it, and it can be stored right in there accound so they can access it. 


Right now using paper contracts, we go back to our office to create their account, then scan the contract, email it to them, etc.  If UCRM could handle all of this, I can't think of much else we would have to do after the install other than add them to our mailchip newsletter list.

by Ubiquiti Employee
on ‎09-04-2018 05:40 AM

Hi, this sounds good. Though, can you please specify some more details? For example:

- what exactly means to digitally sign a contract? What device do you use for this?

- what's the output of the signing? - a pdf document which you want to upload to UCRM (to client's documents section) automatically? 

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Thanks for the interest! You've asked some great questions. I am thinking of this from the point of view of the tech. I am assuming the tech will be using UCRM on a Cell phone or Tablet - a device with a touchscreen. 


We - the ISPs - upload contracts, SLAs, or whatever needs to be signed. The tech selects the form needed for the client, and a box is presented on the tech's device. Using their finger, the client signs the agreement. The signed agreement is then generated into a PDF and placed into the clients' documents section.


I don't know the legality of this, we may need to research the ESIGN act.

on ‎10-15-2018 04:17 AM


This is how we do it today. Just so you get a picture how it could work.

We send a email link to our customers that points to our webbsite , or best way is to make them sign it when we are at the there house right after installation.


1. the customer fills in a "Ninja form" with adress, phone etc.

    Customer choose "Plan" ex. 100 mbit or 50 mbit. 

2. Customer gets redirected to sign the document created based on the information customer provided in step 1

a static page with our terms gets attached to the document aswell.

3. The customer gets a signed copy and we get a signed copy sent to our email.


this is built on "Ninja Forms" (wordpress plugin) combined with WP E-signature (wordpress plugin)


But the best thing would be to have a similar thing in UCRM (everything in one place)

You can try here if you want to get a visual.


Its in swedish so you may not understand every word Man Happy





a month ago

We use Docusign or Echosign. 

3 weeks ago

We do this now using Adobe Sign. It costs $15/month and Adobe stores all the files on their servers (cloud). Basically, you setup your service agreements in PDF, create form fields, and then you populate the form with basic Client information. They receive it as an email, and sign it on their phone, laptop, etc. You get an email copy and so do they. 100% legal and binding. Same as what banks use.


You can leave it on Adobe's servers OR, I am hoping that when we upload the PDF to Clients --> Documents on the Admin side, that we can select which documents also show up on the Client side.


More about Adobe Sign here (and no, I don't work for them),