Ehanced Client Zone Information

Submitted by - a month ago
Status: New

Okay, so, something that's been driving us mad and consuming a LARGE amount of labor could be easily solved with a few simple changes in the client zone as the customers see's it.  Can you PLEASE add a little icon of a tower and then list what "site" that radio is linked to as well as the SSID and device name of the access point including its channel.

Additionally, please have client radios ( admin settable option of what time to run auto scans ) like at 3am in the morning say, so the customers radios scans its environment around it, and then in real time updates the client zone with the clear 5ghz channels specifically suited to them and display them in the wifi channel numbers with matching frecny


Site Connected to:  Blah Blah Tower
AP Connected to: Blah Blah Tower ( SSID: EAST-Sector-5g)

Locally Available Wireless Channels:  149 ( 5737 MHz)
                                                        144 ( 5710 Mhz)
                                                        64 ( 5330 MHz)


Also, disply the tower in the same green, yellow, red fashion, green so customers can also see basic data about their link.  And if an outage is detected for longer then ( an amount of time set by the admin ) fire the customer and SMS notification, as with their internet out, they probably won't get an email, and most folks that I serve are WAYYYY out in rural areas so don't get mobile 4g service either.