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Enhance Late Fee billing

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customers are giving us a hard time with late fees - because they do not understand the invoice line of the fee andf get upset.



- They payed 10 days  late last month. after the payment the balance is zero.

- They pay late a day this month,  see the line "late fee" and assume the fee is for paying late a day. For that they get pretty upset. 


Consequntly, I would love to see the late fee line to be a bit more detailed. Like:


Late fee for invoice 123 due at 2/2/19 but paid on xxx


Late fee for invoice 123 due at 2/2/19 paid xxx days late


or give the option to automatically generate a "late fee invoice" immediately instead of adding a fee that be charged later

the option of a seperate invoice, IMHO, would make it even better


Thanks for considering