LOB MaaS (Mail as a Service) Integration for physical invoicing.

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Using Lob ( https://lob.com/ ), you can send physical mail just as easily as email and it's fully automated and trackable. The lob accounts are free and you pay only for what is mailed in a pay-what-you-use pricing scheme. 


I can see this coming in quite handy for those of us who have customers who prefer paper invoices be mailed to them and at $0.82 per piece of mail, the pricing is reasonable considering the time savings ( Full pricing breakdown available here ). 

What would be involved here would be Webhook integration enabling an available Lob Printing surcharge for the cost of paper billing (user configurable so we can mark up if we wanted to) and a checkmark or a toggle button on each client for Paper (Via Lob) or Paperless billing. The rest would be internal. The bill cycle would send Lob Print jobs out just the same way it would email a customer a new invoice and confirm in the gui that the job has been fulfilled by the Lob service to be sent to the billing address on file.


[FOR UBNT STAFF] Their API is available via Curl / Node / Ruby / PHP / Python / Java ( Full Breakdown Available Here ) and webhooks are offered for the service so integration would be a sinch on the user end and I imagine relatively simple for the dev team.

Hope to see this integrated I think it would make a great addition Man Happy

by Ubiquiti Employee
on ‎12-12-2018 05:12 AM

Hi all, 

this feature is easily doable by a plugin. Is someone in here willing to implement this? We will be happy to help.


You can discuss this in the plugin forum, I have created a related post: https://community.ubnt.com/t5/UCRM-Plugins/Physical-Invoicing-by-a-plugin/m-p/2594219#M676