Limit clients to only being able to pay oldest invoice or full balance in Client Zone

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Status: New

We would like to be able to make it so clients can only pay their oldest invoices first, or total balance in the Client Zone. What we are trying to avoid is customer's accidentally paying their newer invoice, and not their older invoice resulting in their account being suspended for an older invoice even though they made their payment. Or if they are already suspended, and they don't select the oldest invoice that is causing their suspension they could make a payment without the suspension ending.

on ‎02-17-2019 09:32 AM
+1 on this for sure!! Makes total sense.
2 weeks ago

This is not always a good idea, 


Sometimes you will have open balance for something you have not completed yet or don't want to charge yet and have a new balance for something you do want to charge.


If this feature is accepted it should have the option to turn it on or off..