Maintenance work / Informe customer(s)

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I want a feature where we need to do some Maintenance / Upgrade of the infrastructure, where UCRM informs the customers that is connected to specified equiptment / antenna.

That you click on the the device/Antenna in "like" the topology in Unifi, and it will choose the all that is connected behind that point.

Feature you can choose, type of Maintenance, urgency, Time for when the work is going to be started / done. Sends e-mail / SMS to the customer that is affected of the Maintenance.

Possible to add what technician that is going to do the work.


Make a Status page of recent and upcoming work that could be public or just a pop up for the customer page.





by Ubiquiti Employee
on ‎09-04-2018 05:45 AM

Hi, this use case is partially solved by the Mailing tool: System > Tools > Mailing - you can use a robust filtering, also to find clients connected to a specific site. This will send emails to filtered clients.



Possible extensions:

- sending a notification via SMS - this will be enabled soon by the SMS Plugin

- show notification in the client zone (not sure how useful this is - client's don't go to the client zone very often)

- linking this with Scheduling module

by Ubiquiti Employee
3 weeks ago
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