Make secondary contacts visible on client pages

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Would it be easy to display all (or at least the secondary) contacts on the main page for a client? We can add other contacts in the client "edit" page, but I don't see where it's actually used anywhere. Right now, if you search for a secondary contact, the search brings you to the correct client page, but doesn't really give any "confirmation" anywhere that the queried contact is actually in that client.

We would like to just keep a simple Firstname Lastname scheme for our client naming, but this is causing issues for our customer relations team because sometimes we have client spouses, kids, ect. call in and it's not the most straight-forward thing for them to find the correct client. We can add things like "Joe & Jane" for the first names, but this breaks our scheme and isn't very clean.


I am wanting to adhere to a (reasonably) strict naming scheme for our clients to that our UCRM is friendly to any automation that I may develop in the near future and this would really help me play well with our customer relations team.

on ‎01-29-2019 06:26 PM

Even just making it so when you do a search it shows up. When you search for the secondary contact you get results where you have no idea which client it is actually assosiated with.