Option to Defer Sending 'Invoice Overdue' Emails

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Many of our clients pay us using online bill pay services provided by their bank or brokerage house.  Most of these systems allow the user to set a date on which the payment will be received by us.  UCRM emails reminders to the customers the morning after the due date.  We would like to have these emails sent 2-3 days after the due date so that we can process these bank-generated check payments (postmarked before the due date) and not have to reassure customers that everything is OK.  In Customization / Client Notifications, there is an option to remind earlier:


But this will create more unnecessary client communication, since the client already told their bank's bill pay system to pay us.


Please consider adding a setting for 'days after' to the 'Invoice overdue' email trigger.


This will create a sequence of {due date} +delay days {email reminder} +delay days {suspend}

by Ubiquiti Employee
on ‎12-12-2018 07:15 AM
Status changed to: Investigating
on ‎04-09-2019 08:06 AM

we are having the same issue



this is a very major bug it should be one 1 the top goals for a billing system to send reminder emails correctly 



I hope you guys can get your minds out of the CRM into UNMS 1.0 integration soon


because this is a very big oversight