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PREPAID connection

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Good day, 

  Its an honor to use UCRM specially its totally FREE and many thanks to Ubiquiti and its developer. 

Im just hoping you can add a new feature on UCRM. We all know that invoicing and billing to its customer are part of a POSTPAID PLAN. im just wondering if u can add a PREPAID PLAN. For ex.

A customer will buy $2 for 2 weeks @ 5MBPS download/upload. or $5 for a month @ 10MBPS download/upload then after the duration the system will automatically cut or suspend the account.

  Hoping for positive response. i know on 1st world countries giving a PREPAID subscription gives sometimes hussle to clients but here in 3rd world countries having a PREPAID account is better because we can save money and also internet usage.


on ‎02-17-2019 09:31 AM

1+ for this, I'd also like to see a data limit in place of a time limit.  We get "vacationers" that always think they are very light users.  When they come they'll use 300-400 gigs a day for a month.  I'd like to sell pre-paid plans based on data.  An example would be "50 gigs good for 6 months - $100".


They'd almost need a mini-account or at least a way they could pay/credit directly from an email without a full login.  If we had to go through the full account it's doable for a bit.

a month ago
Yes, Sir i agree with that. Most of the configuration seems to be found on the service plans just need to add additional fields, i think... For ease of use , On the payment module, instead of paying invoices there should be another option to pay for PREPAID or POSTPAID services then we can select the service plan we had set up and then the connection starts. (just a suggestion).
2 weeks ago

+1 for prepaid