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Accept payments from mobile app

Submitted by - 3 weeks ago
Status: New

If it is already possible, I apologize. I have looked but been unable to find it.


Would it be possible for our techs to accept payment via the app?




Submitted by - 4 weeks ago
Status: New

It's all about Customer Relationship / Supporting the clients: 

-  Perhaps a visual indicator when a new ticket arrives, color flashing the UCRM banner at the top, until the new ticket gets assigned or opened. 

-  Some form of timer that when a ticket is still open after X number of days, a pop-up or system mail to the UCRM users/admins? 

-  The ability to forward / CC a ticket responce 

-  When a customer generates a ticket, perhaps some more information presented at the top of the ticket screen, like service, due amounts, data flow summary, or outage summary? 





Enable and disable Payments methods

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Status: New

The list of payments allowed can be very long, moreover if in the future ucrm integrate other payments methods, se for every payment method i think it's helpful when every organizzation can choose wich enable o disable

Amounts on Invoice Template

Submitted by - a month ago
Status: New

These new placeholders are requested for Invoice Templete

-Client's "Past due balance"

- Client's account balance (excluding the current invoice)

- Client's account outstanding (excluding the current invoice)


Discussed here:

VoIP DID Management

Submitted by - a month ago
Status: New

We are currently using powercode to manage and keep track of our VoIP Customers. It would be really nice to have some basic DID management built into UCRM. Right now we just have DIDs tied to services on powercode so that both us and the customer can see what phone numbers they have on their account.

Adding payment api

Submitted by - 2 weeks ago
Status: New

Is it possible to add to the Payments Gateway?


Or if it is possible to have an custom option to make our own custom payment gateway settings to the cloud.



uCRM Plus HotSpot Access

Submitted by -
Status: New

So, we offer all our WISP internet customers free access to our UniFi mesh system.  Such that any random person can access the free trial for 12 hours, but are limited to 10 meg downloads.  Where as, for every WISP customer, I allow them to access the UniFi system with 100 meg downloads, and live guest from out of town purchase UniFi Mesh access plans that limit to 50 meg downloads.

So what would be really nice is if my WISP customers could connect to the UniFi guest portal, and have a username and password login that it checks in side uCRM for an active service with the "allow access to UniFi system" box checked to check their username and password, and if service is currently valid and active, let them in.  They seem to go really well hand in hand.

We also have several hotspot locations at RV parks and resteraunts we want to work this way.

Temporarily Change CPE Speed

Submitted by -
Status: New

Every once in awhile I'll give someone a higher speed to test out to see if it what they need and of course sell them on it. It would be nice if there was some sort of facility to change the speed of a client or clients with some gui method.


Using the mail filtering gui which drills down to a client but even sometimes you may want to do a whole ap/device/site, either for generosity, selling potential or even stress testing with the additional specification of a time period, would be a good thing I like to think.

Postpone suspend until weekday, Mon-Fri

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Status: New

To avoid support calls on weekends it would be nice to be able to set the days when a client with an overdue balance gets suspended.


NOT that he is only suspended ON weekdays, but that the actualy day suspension is applied DOESN'T happen on a weekend. 


We are available for tech support 24/7 but I'd be much happier to give the customer another few days of service and have them call on Monday to deal with the suspension than for them to call on Sunday at 10:00 AM.


So if a client went overdue on Saturday, they wouldn't get suspended until Monday, or if it was made customizable whatever was the first day suspension was allowed.

Display Future Invoicing Schedule for customer

Submitted by - a week ago
Status: New

I have a customer that does quarterly payments and he requested thatwe dsplay the future billing schedule in the Customer Portal. He got on wanting to check when he would receive the next invoice and notice the lack of information.



Usage Alerts - Multiple Levels

Submitted by -
Status: New

It is a requirement in Australia if you bill for additional usage to send staggered notifications to the customer.


In out need we need alerts at 3 points






Each alert needs to show their plan inclusion and what they have used.


Example Template:



push notification

Submitted by - 2 weeks ago
Status: New

option push notification on mobile app when add a new job on schedule

print scheduled

Submitted by - 2 weeks ago
Status: New

it's possible add option for print job schedule??

Client List Customizeing

Submitted by -
Status: New



would be nice if we could customize the client list with the client data we want. 


like Adress or phone number. 


so diffent users can setup what info they want to see and sort by. 


our support guys really want the adress in the user list and the have no intrest in the balance or organization



LOB MaaS (Mail as a Service) Integration for physical invoicing.

Submitted by -
Status: New

Using Lob ( ), you can send physical mail just as easily as email and it's fully automated and trackable. The lob accounts are free and you pay only for what is mailed in a pay-what-you-use pricing scheme. 


I can see this coming in quite handy for those of us who have customers who prefer paper invoices be mailed to them and at $0.82 per piece of mail, the pricing is reasonable considering the time savings ( Full pricing breakdown available here ). 

What would be involved here would be Webhook integration enabling an available Lob Printing surcharge for the cost of paper billing (user configurable so we can mark up if we wanted to) and a checkmark or a toggle button on each client for Paper (Via Lob) or Paperless billing. The rest would be internal. The bill cycle would send Lob Print jobs out just the same way it would email a customer a new invoice and confirm in the gui that the job has been fulfilled by the Lob service to be sent to the billing address on file.


[FOR UBNT STAFF] Their API is available via Curl / Node / Ruby / PHP / Python / Java ( Full Breakdown Available Here ) and webhooks are offered for the service so integration would be a sinch on the user end and I imagine relatively simple for the dev team.

Hope to see this integrated I think it would make a great addition Man Happy

display usage in client zone

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Status: Accepted

in client zone, a customer should be able to see how much bandwidth they consumed (per period)

Better Integration with Stripe

Submitted by -
Status: New

There are two areas that we're finding uCRM's integration is falling short.


1a)  From time to time customers call us to make adjustments to the services on their account by upgrading them to a faster service plan or downgrading them to a slower plan.  But the Recurring Payments feature isn't informed of these changes.  It just runs the same amount like clockwork in reliable increments.  I would like to see UCRM automatically charge customers based on the balance of their account at the end of the day.  So for example if there were $100.00 worth of invoices generated for a customer today, uCRM/Stripe would batch out that balance on a daily basis.  Or if a customer was set to a lower service plan, when that invoice is generated every month, that account would then be billed the appropriate amount instead of the old recurring payment amount that was previously hard coded on their account.


1b)  And then... if we added a credit to a customer's account, for example if they referred another customer to our company, that credit would be taken into consideration when that next invoice is processed, only the outstanding "negative balance" would be billed through Stripe.


2)  It would be great if refunds in uCRM made it over to Stripe.  If a uCRM user refunds a payment, it isn't processed on the Stripe side.  This is problematic for us because not all of the uCRM users have access to our Stripe account.


Thank you for considering these feature requests!

Customize the login page

Submitted by -
Status: Delivered

That we can customise the login page.

For example, being able to eliminate this:


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Ucrm shop front

Submitted by -
Status: New

Instead of API integration for web based sign ups would be nice to have a shop front option like a built-in application fourm for a customer to order a service.


Submitted by - 2 weeks ago
Status: New

We have many partners and agents  and usaully we dont want that many user see some costumers is possible create a feature where 1 user can only see his costumers?