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New Idea

Ticketing improvement - More categories and IMAP inbox emails for each department / user group

Submitted by - a week ago
Status: New

Now: there is only 1 IMAP inbox for all tickets


New: establish several inbox emails for different departments enabling tickets to be filtered and processed by this category.


Mentioned here: https://community.ubnt.com/t5/UCRM-Complete-WISP-Management/New-UCRM-version-2-7-0-beta1-released/m-p/2061415#M4718

IPv4 management and Public IP management

Submitted by - 2 weeks ago
Status: New

This is a screenshot from splynx. It has your subnets with available ip (internal vlans, available public ip).

This is good to know what ip you have available and what ip you can give to a new customer on an installation.


Knowledge Base Articles

Submitted by - Wednesday
Status: New

Another awesome feature would be to have the option to add KB articles with permissions for each customer. 


This way documentation for Customer devices during an audit and after etc is in a nice web based format, and can be easily edited without having to download or upload the document. 


Did I say this software is amazing? Plase let me know your HQ address to send you some beer! Man Happy


Disclaimer: Not trying to buy this feature. This is just because you guys and girls too are awesome.

Invoice template customization - User-Friendly Way

Submitted by - 2 weeks ago
Status: New

Now: invoice template can be fully customized in System > Billing > Invoice templates. You can also upload / download and most importantly share the templates in the community.


in this request: users should be provided also with simplified GUI template customization. 

Only few invoice attributes would be editable, like background, text color, basic layout.

Top Uploaders

Submitted by - 2 weeks ago
Status: New

top uploaders help kill ddos attacks, torrent uploaders, leaks etc. etc.

WISP's website customizable in UCRM

Submitted by -
Status: Investigating

In UCRM it should be possible to create and customize WISP website accessible for all visitors, customers, potential leads.


* It will be a single page

* Editable using wysiwyg editor

* Option to use custom images

* no placeholders will be applicable 


* 2 URLs for the company website and for UCRM client-zone


This will typically be useful for small WISPs having no company website.



Change text to stop confusion customers

Submitted by -
Status: Investigating


We have been getting multiple calls, after we started moving clients to UCRM from our old billing system, and the number one question is always; what is this authorize.net you are trying to make me pay through. 


Our customers are familiar with just inputting CC details. They don't need to know if we are using Stripe or Auth.net, etc. It is not like PayPal where people know the name, etc.


So can we just show them a "Pay with Credit or Debit Card" option?


Also, a lot of merchant accounts require you to show card images of the types you take, so if you could add the option to show visa, mastercard, discover, amex, etc logos. 



Email In Ticket Opening Support | Email piping | Support Department Support

Submitted by -
Status: Accepted

Yes, this is like a MUST HAVE function.  If a customer emails support@yourwebsite.com   uCRM should have a cron job that downloads the pop email and creates a new ticket or attaches the response to an open ticket.  Just like WHMCS.   It would be nice to have the ticket systems split up into deparments as well, so like you could select the ticket being a part of the billing department, or support department, or sales deparment.  And set it up so that the email pipping system downloads the email from the different emails you select and puts them in the appropriarte department.  Also, a "manager account" should be able to assign tickets or triage them as new ones come in.

Call Logs

Submitted by -
Status: Accepted

I would like to see call logs implemented. Currently the only option is to add a note to the account. Most other billing solutions have an area to enter a call log so that when a customer calls in or is contacted a summary of the call can be entered. This is useful later when the client calls in or if there is a billing issue, etc.

Internal Ticketing

Submitted by -
Status: Investigating

It would be useful to have internal ticketing withing the UCRM solution. Very often there is an issue that encompasses several clients, like interference or other tower issues. Other times there are circumstances where you need a ticket on a client but don't necessarily want the client to be able to see the ticket. In these circumstances I find internal ticketing is needed.


The way it could work is the tickets could be marked internal with a check box. Tickets created by the client could have the box unchecked by default. Any tickets not created by the client would have it checked. Tickets could then be assigned to a user or a group and could optionally have a client drop down to relate it to a client.

Support for TOWERS and Equipment IN Towers

Submitted by -
Status: New

So, you can add multiple sites, but what needs to be added is some other equipment Types, for example, if you have multiple sites, lets keep that there, but lets assume those "other sites" are guyed radio towers, as with most WISP's they are.  Well, we need to add a new device types here, Tower Backhauls that connect towers, tower switches (mine are all Ubiquiti tough switches), and Tower Access points, as well as customer stations and customer routers.  Sometimes the customer station is put in bridge mode and the customer wants to use their own routers.  I have in cluded a graphic, to display the posting of towers, and backhaul wireless links, or in the ability to select your link type, as a few of my towers are connected via physical fiber, and few with wireless backhauls, and a couple that are both.  So having the back haul link selectable would be nice.  If you select wireless, the system asks you 2 select both sides of the backhaul from the list of devices you added, and if its a physical fiber, asks you what port on the switch on each side its plugged into.  I can't belive no one has thought of this already?  Anyhow, here is a little sample graphic I made.

hardware inventory?

Submitted by -
Status: Accepted

We would love to see these inventory things in UCRM:


- Being able to record of each piece of equipment going out, the quantity, a serial number, where it is going, which installer took it and the date. At the same time being able note any recovered equipment exactly the same way.

- Notification that equipment needs to be ordered

Link uCRM to UniFi Guest Portal

Submitted by -
Status: New

So, I have customers in the town that I service along with a unifi hotspot portal system that I spread all thru out the down town.  Those customers I provide internet access to and have plugged into my uCRM, what should happen is there should be a button (allow free wifi access to uCRM customers by the customer logging in with their email and password) and then the UniFi controller logs into the uCRM verify the credentials and that their account is in good active standing with a qualifying service plan, and then let them into the wifi System.  sorta thought this would be there by default.

Feature Direction: Client documents reimagined

Submitted by -
Status: New
Im open to discussion on how others believe it should function

currently i can add documents to the clients account

-but the client should be able to readonly and upload documents also on client zone side
-also the thereshould be a dedicated documents folder for all clients to view

this way one client can access two folders one with general items and a second with items dedicated to their account

Contact=usr1 > /home/CRM/data mkdir documents
usr1 /home/CRM/data mkdir "usr1"
chmod 700 documents

all contacts access read only documents folder
specific user write level access to folder titled "username"


Make Jobs Visable to Clients as "appointments"

Submitted by -
Status: New

It would be really nice for the client view could liste the date, time, expected length of appointment, and a little area for our staff / installers photo and name to be listed in the appointment info.  We go out to ALOT of rural areas here in Texas, and sometimes you gotta walk along way up a driveway, and most country / rural / out of town residents are packing heat, lol.  It would be nice for customer confidence to have this info appear in the cliend end, based out of the data from the "Jobs" section that's already there, just add a simple check box, that says, "Show Job Details to customer".  Would be lovely.

Service don't need to belong to static "service plans"

Submitted by - 3 weeks ago
Status: New

80% of my clients have invidual service plans, as they are business clients and their needs are not standard.
I need to create hundried of items as service plans in the settings.

Better if I could write directly download and upload limits and price in "Add service" tab.

Ticketing and Sheduling

Submitted by -
Status: Accepted

New UCRM Section that includes:
* All jobs
related with clients
related with Devices
related with Sites
* worker job scheduling and planner with all necesary job information and time schedules
* job transfer from one worker to another with necesary coments
* interaction with the client

Print option for Payments and Invoices

Submitted by -
Status: Accepted

Hi, i've a lot of customers how pay in cash in our office. Customer wants a piece of paper as a receipt, and doesn't care aboute their email, they want a paper..... :/

Could you add the direct print option for payments? actually it's only the "Send by Email" option.


Same for invoices, you have "Send by Email" and "Download" options, but no Print if customer wants a printed page of their invoice.



Short Messaging (SMS)

Submitted by -
Status: Accepted

Hi Everyone,


           A great product launched by UBNT and many many thanks for that product. I am new to it now and just trying to understand all about UCRM. I would like UBNT to add Short Messaging Service in the server, because people are more attached to SMS then email. As the server is physically installed worldwide so just attaching a HSPA or GSM modem with the server or by getting the API from a cellular company to send TEXT MESSAGE to the client on their cell phone. For Example


1. Welcome on joining the network

2. Invoice details

3. Account renewal 

4. password change

5. account actiavtion or deactivation


And YES you should add a mobile number tab in Adding New Client area, in addition to PHONE only.

Email client from UCRM

Submitted by -
Status: Delivered


I want to be able to email clients from UCRM without having to use another software platform.


For example, I want to send a client their router login details but at the moment the only email I am allowed to send is a welcome message that has a link to our client portal. I want to be able to send a custom email like I use to when using the old CRM.