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New Idea

pfSense Support

Submitted by - 3 weeks ago
Status: New

Please add pfSense support, this will help WISP owners using pfSense as their edge router.

Codigo de barras para cada cliente - Bar code for customer

Submitted by - a month ago
Status: New

                 estaria bueno agregarle una imagen de codigos de barra a cada cliente para la facturacion , saludos 



   It would be good to add an image of bar codes to each customer for billing, 

mailing to all clients

Submitted by - a month ago
Status: Accepted

It would be very nice to have a possibility to send bulk email to all clients from in UCRM. Maybe even filtering for companies, private clients, ... ?

Service Upgrade

Submitted by - 3 weeks ago
Status: Delivered

It needs to be easier to upgrade service for a customer. You can adjust service but that won't push the new service spead to the customer. Our current method is to remove the ip of the subscriber unit from the existing service and attach it to the new service. Problem, when you do this you lose all of the historical information on the subscriber unit (ping, signal, etc.)

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Support boot2docker

Submitted by -
Status: Needs Info



All our in-house app deployments are made via boot2docker (as a vm to FreeBSD's bhyve). But this specialized linux distro has special requirements. 


Snything regarding persistant storage (including the user home) has to be taken into account:


  • The binaries you "install" via your install scripts have to be installed in a certain way (eg: docker-compose).
  • What you download and store in the user home and expect to stay there (docker-compose config).
  • The volumes you share have to be located in a special directory.
  • You can't create a user.

The way these are done right now are all bad practices anyways. If I fork your install scripts from Github and fix them, will you pull the changes in the official repo?






Submitted by -
Status: Accepted

Ability to post a "Bulletin" from the admin side that would show as an alert at all client zone pages.

Would be usefull for explanation of "Unexpected outage last night" or "Sceduled maintenance window in these areas at this time", etc...



Customisable signal / other SNMP OID

Submitted by -
Status: New

Ability to specify the SNMP OID for gathering signal stats on a per user-device incase the client radio is not UBNT.  Also ability to gather other SNMP OID's such as SNR, throughput, errors, etc

Emails not mandatory for clients

Submitted by -
Status: Delivered

Now: each client must have an email assigned. This email is also used as client's login name to the client zone.


New feature: As a WISP you can choose what to assign to the client:

- no login (client zone will be inaccessible)

- regular login name (such as "superClient007")

- email as a login name (as in the current solution)


Submitted by -
Status: New



Some future requests I have in mind:


* Client quota's and fair usage policy plans,

* MikroTik compatability (signal updates, queue's for client speed limiting[QoS you call it in UCRM])

* Branding (be able to upload a logo and favicon into the html pages)

* NetFlow update time (be able to set the update interval times[eg. 1min])

* Allow clients to suspend their internet access from the UCRM client portal

* Add an extra table showing their data usage and not only the netflow graph, also be able to chose a date to see how much data they have used within their specified amount of time/hours/days etc...


Check this one out too please https://community.ubnt.com/t5/UCRM-Complete-WISP-Management/NetFlow-accounting-separate-graphs-for-IP-s/m-p/1802952#M2111 


Love the software, just lacking some nice features .


Kind regards

Raymond Smiley Happy

Export financials to accounting software (Quickbooks/Sage50/etc)

Submitted by -
Status: New

Great CRM so far, but it only does income, we as WISPs still have to pay bills (tower rent/upstream provider/etc/etc) so having the ability to export financials to a accounting program is a must in order to balance books when we send expense payments out...


I say Quickbooks and Sage50 as they are the most common apps on the market... having used both Apps before, Quickbooks should come first as it is the easest for novice ppl to learn, then Sage50 for the more experenced ppl out there with accounting skills...


I do apologies in advance if i'm repeating a request someone else as already made or if i missed this feature hiden somewheres within UCRM, just thought i'd put my two cents out there...


Thank you......

International Version

Submitted by -
Status: Delivered

Would it be great if there is support for other Languages, such as Spanish!!!!

user traffic list

Submitted by -
Status: New

The homepage of UCRM now shows the top 5 'highest downloaders' with name and download/upload for last day, last month.

We would love to see the list for all the clients like that. Not only the top 5.


Allow access to port 443 as well as port 80 when customer is suspended.

Submitted by - 2 weeks ago
Status: New

Right now, the firewall rules setup the blocked users to be able to access port 80 on the UCRM server, but not 443 for https.  Plus, I would like to have the ability to force https, as someone else has also stated.

The reason for this is because although I know how things like stripe payments work in javascript, where they send the information through ssl layer, customers may not know that.  Also, browsers are starting to give warnings about putting certain information in the browser when the page is not secure, so it may cause customers to feel uneasy about paying through the portal.

Client Zone - Move "Unpaid Invoices"

Submitted by -
Status: New

It makes more sense to have the unpaid invoices in the client zone up at the top just below amount owed. I just tested this viewing as a client on my phone and had to scroll to the bottom to get to the point of logging in.

Define prices with tax included

Submitted by -
Status: Accepted

As a WISP you may want to define service/product/surcharge prices with tax included, eg. 10 eur.


* Then the price without tax will be computed automatically, eg. 8.26 eur. (21% tax)

* You will be enabled to define up to 1 tax per each service or product etc.

* Each invoice item would show: price w/o tax, tax and total item price w/ tax.


Currently, there is a workaround:

* you need to compute the price w/o tax manually

* set "Tax rounding" to  "Round items separately" in Billing settings.

Note that there are some consequences in the invoice layout: each invoice item shows the price w/o tax and as of version 2.2.2-beta3 w/o rounding


Import historic invoice data

Submitted by - 4 weeks ago
Status: Delivered

I don't supppose there could be a simple way to import historic customer transactions via CSV?

We want to put all our customers previous invoices and payments into the system.



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Submitted by -
Status: New

We also want to see prepaid scratchcard implemented.

The only 2 items on a scratchcard are a unique number who has to be defined in the client records zone and a number to start the service when entered by client in a portal site (so the access period starts end ends when entered)

expl. scratchcard  30 days access    id  : F0120Dfs056   start code 456354 

                                7 days                id  : F0120Dfs057   start code 678400


The system could also generate the scrathcards automatically and print them out or with preprinted scratchcards, a file with the data uploaded in the UCRM.


Allow client to select Service Period in Client Zone / also edit contact details

Submitted by -
Status: New

It would be great if the client could select the service period themselves so that they can determine how many months to pay for in order to realize savings.

It would also be great if the client could edit their contact details.

Ability to Export Client Log to CSV or PDF

Submitted by -
Status: New

We had a situation where a client had their bank issue a chargeback against us claiming the charges on the card were fraud. We had to send in a copy of the client contract along with a screenshot of the client log showing that the charges had been made by the client calling in and asking us to make the charge (through the client view to pay the invoice) giving us the information over the phone.


Would have been much easier to just send in a pdf of the conversation rather than a screen shot.

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Ticket instead of bill, for prepaid plan

Submitted by - Wednesday
Status: New


A customer arrives and pays in cash his prepaid service, pays for a 30-day plan, and asks for a receipt. The customer does not need an invoice.


Thank you.