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We have a few security concerns as it relates to the privileges with different levels of staff where they have too much access to personal information. These are as follows: >A). lower level for Cashier, at this moment if they are able to receive payment they can also edit and delete payments..... this is a problem to our organization, we would like a restriction for them to be able to add but only Supervisor/Admin should be able to remove and/or edit payments.... also we don’t want all staff to view our customer count >B). We would like the option to send to print after payment is received. >We would like to be able to use a dot matrix printer for printing (receipt printer), we have not seen this option.

Redirect user - update info

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Option for force redirect user to page, where they need to update their info.

- phone

- email

- name

- recieve newsletter Yes/no option

- receive mail on error on the site they are connected to


Having this option, will give us the option for having users to update their info much faster. When user has updated his and clicked save. He will be giving access to internet again.


Admin needs to have a notification when a user has updated his info

Suspend all services in case of a custom invoice being overdue.

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Now: Only services which are associated with an overdue invoice are suspended


New: A new option in Billing settings to enable you:

  • turn on "strict suspension"
  • then an overdue custom invoice (an invoice with a product or custom items, not associated with a service) will trigger a suspension of all the client's services even when all the invoices related to these services are paid.
  • when an overdue invoice is associated to a service, only this one will be suspended and all the other client's services will remain unaffected.


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Support boot2docker

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All our in-house app deployments are made via boot2docker (as a vm to FreeBSD's bhyve). But this specialized linux distro has special requirements. 


Snything regarding persistant storage (including the user home) has to be taken into account:


  • The binaries you "install" via your install scripts have to be installed in a certain way (eg: docker-compose).
  • What you download and store in the user home and expect to stay there (docker-compose config).
  • The volumes you share have to be located in a special directory.
  • You can't create a user.

The way these are done right now are all bad practices anyways. If I fork your install scripts from Github and fix them, will you pull the changes in the official repo?