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ACH(nacha) file creation , looking to hire someone

I would love to hire someone to code a plugin to create ACH files from within UCRM.  Our old billing platform had this and it worked quite well.  It would save us a considerable amount per year in processing fees( stripe and authorize support ACH but it comes at a cost-while it's less than credit cards it still adds up).   

The file creation isn't that complex.  When it was added to mikrobill, 2 fields needed added for the client profiles  (routing number and account number).  Then each month we would us the plugin to generate a filt that included the customer name, routing number, account number, invoice amount, and account the funds were being transferred to.


I can share and example of the file.  Also, a google search of ACH file creation returns alot of information.


Please let me know if interested or if you know someone who may be up to the task.  



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Re: ACH(nacha) file creation , looking to hire someone



When you have a chance, shoot me an email: