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Amend the Pay Online Webpage

Good day,


I currently have UCRM configured with Paypal for online payments.  I have a client who wants to pay via creditcard without signing up for a Paypal account.


Is it possible for me to amend the Pay Online page to include buttons assoicated with PayPal Checkout and have that linked back to UCRM to acknowledge payment of the invoice? 


If this is not possible can I just add a button or link that says "Click here to pay without a Paypal account" then I can process the payment using a custom page of my own design.






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Re: Amend the Pay Online Webpage

Not really, there is a box halfway down the page or so for pay with a credit card. If you need any assistance with online payments feel free to PM me. I can get you some pretty good rates.

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Re: Amend the Pay Online Webpage

We don't use pay pal but UCRM has an instant pay button that works great with ipPay that we email to clients 


just add that variable to the invoice not sure what all payment processors work with it though