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If I need a developer to make me a plugin what would I be looking for?

Maybe a dumb question but I'm not a web developer at all even though I'm technical.  If I was to hire a developer to make a plugin for us would they need to be familiar with how UCRM works or would anyone be able to understand it?  Is there a certain type of developer I'd be looking for, or a technology that's used where I'd want to find a developer that specializes in that?  I'm mostly looking to have a custom client zone page or two created that then displays info from 3rd party systems via API.  An example would be LTE data usage.  Our cellular provisioning system has an API and allows you to pull info like real time data usage by SIM card number, which I'd like to have UCRM display to the end user to show their usage.  Same with the routers we use such as Cradlepoint, they have an API that can show if the device is online, LTE signal strength and so on.  I'm looking to be able to enter these variables somewhere in UCRM (like SIM card number, device serial number, anything needed for the API calls) and then have the client zone pages display that info.


We're looking to have this launched for January if possible and then most likely further customized or enhanced over time.  If there's anything special I need to know to go out and find a developer that would be helpful, otherwise if anyone is able to assist and wants to shoot me a PM I'd love to hear back.  We're evaluating a few billing systems right now but I'd prefer to use UCRM if at all possible.

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Re: If I need a developer to make me a plugin what would I be looking for?

Typically, any developer should be able to create a plugin. No need to know UCRM, the developer will just need to get familiar with the UCRM API, but it's pretty well documented: Moreover, recently we released SDK for plugin developers which makes the development much easier: + the basic documentation of UCRM plugins:

So in general, these requirements should be met by a UCRM Plugin developer:
- basic knowledge of general programming in PHP language using API
- basic knowledge of HTML and CSS (if you want the plugin to have a public interface)