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Addtional facilities for the UCRM Platform

Since your are managing finances and accounts it would also be nice to manage stock the receiving and out going of stock and deployment.


The subscription fee ( which i am not sure if i know how to use it properly) but i would like to be able to send a quotation befor I make them a customer with the and also email it to them. and also to have the company contracts can be uploaded to the system so if neccessary you can email them the the quation.


and if possible a tutorial with the software or even a link to tutorials to learn the installation and setup of the various aspects of the wonderful product you have.


before i go thank you for this software it has been very helpfull



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Re: Addtional facilities for the UCRM Platform

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Re: Addtional facilities for the UCRM Platform

Yes, Inventory is on the roadmap.

@F2SNwierless what exactly do you mean by "subscription fee"?

If you need to send a quotation for a new client do this:
1) Create a new client or client lead
2) Create quoted service for this client/lead
3) Create a Quote for this quoted service, send it to the client/lead
Finally, when the Quote is accepted, the quoted service is turned into regular service and it becomes invoiced automatically.

@F2SNwierless Is there something particularly unclear which should be explained better or which should be comprised by a tutorial?