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Bandwidth by time period in plans

Hi team,


      I am very much interested to move to the UCRM but still it needs alot of things. The thing which is stopping me from moving to UCRM is different time different bandwidths. My clients are having different plans like below.


4Mb Plan:     8am to 8pm @ 4Mbps    and 8pm to 12am @ 8 Mbps and from 12am to 8am @ 12 Mbps.


Its a must have feature to manage the corporate and domestic clients on high priced bandwidth. If this is possible in current version and I am not finding it in the DEMO kindly let me know where I can find this option. Currently under system > Service plans there is only simple service plans for a single bandwidth slot and no other feature in it.


Also want to know that UCRM work with Mikrotik Routers ?

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Re: Bandwidth by time period in plans

Hi @Qamar_Sultan currently there is only fixed bandwidth available. You can create a new feature request for this https://community.ubnt.com/t5/UCRM-Feature-Requests/idb-p/UCRM-Ideas

or you can also consider creating a new UCRM Plugin to manage this, which shouldn't be difficult at all. You can discuss this with other developers in the UCRM Plugin forum: https://community.ubnt.com/t5/UCRM-Plugins/bd-p/UCRMPlugins

Regarding 3rd-party HW compatibility: again, you can use one of the existing plugins (check them in UCRM > System > Plugins or here https://github.com/Ubiquiti-App/UCRM-plugins)