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Change service name

We notice that a lot of clients order their internet connection without carefully checking the real streetname and/or number. Then afterwards, when we send the invoice, we see that it is not 'street X' but 'Avenue X' ...
So we try to change the error in UCRM. And this is strange: you can use and change the address every where but you can not change it if you have used it in the name of the service and an invoice has been sent. You then have to 'end' the service and make a new one. Is it possible to activate editing in the name of the service please?

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Re: Change service name

I've noticed this issue too, I changed the address in the location of the service and it doesn't change the title.
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Re: Change service name

Hello @jma, @dan, we have full service editations in development (regardless whether you have invoices), it should be ready in a couple of weeks.