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Clinet access to UCRM Remotely

Good day

I trust that you are well.

Can you please assist us in setting up our UCRM for Client Remote access to their accounts.

We have setup UCRM on a Linux Ubuntu Server and it is running great.

We can access the server and the UCRM on the Local network from multiple devices and we have created multiple User accounts.

We now have to setup the server for remote access so that clients can access the server from their homes  and create tickets etc.

We are currently running UCRM in Demo mode.

Looking forward to your assistance.

Kind regards


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Re: Clinet access to UCRM Remotely

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Re: Clinet access to UCRM Remotely

Hello Armand

Im stuck with UCRM and was wondering if you could help, i installed VM on windows 7 with ucrm accessable on localhost but cannot get ucrm to communicate on my network. I cannot ping UCRM from my first hop.


I must be honest i am abit of a novice with Linux and windows so im shure the problem lies there. My entire wisp[ lies on and i have a /29 dedicated for the ucrm server.


Any ideas on pointing me in the right direction





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Re: Clinet access to UCRM Remotely

if you cant ping the UCRM server then you did not bridge you VM network into your main network card or some other network miss config


you only need 1 IP for UCRM not a whole range of ip's..