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Customizing Ticket template sent to admin(staff)



is it possible to customize the teicket template that goes out to our staff when there is a new comment for the ticket? I'm not refering to the one that is sent out to the client, i'm talking about the one that is sent out to our support email. 

Everytime a new admin(staff) comments on a ticket that is assigned to someone else (staff) an emaill is sent out with details of that ticket and details of the client. One of the things that's missing here is the organization and/or client address. 


Please let me know if its possible.

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Re: Customizing Ticket template sent to admin(staff)

Now, the notifications are not sent to a particular admin, these notifications are sent to the support email address and they are not customizable.

However, this feature request is already registered: https://community.ubnt.com/t5/UCRM-Feature-Requests/UCRM-should-Email-Notifications-to-UCRM-ADMINS-i... - feel free to add a note regarding the customization.