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HTTPS Link in Ticketing

I am running UCRM 2.14.8. Basically I need UCRM for ticketing purpose and presently I am running around 200 UBNT different devices on different locations.

Whenever I create ticket, it sends notification to cusotmer with a link starting from https:// while I have no SSL available. Is there any way UCRM create links in email without https ???


Please help.


-Kamran Mahmood

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Re: HTTPS Link in Ticketing

Thanks for reporting, we will look into it. Meanwhile, please check your UCRM configuration at:
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Re: HTTPS Link in Ticketing

Hello @barish70, we did not find any errors in this. The only way UCRM generates https links is when you either have port 443 configured as server port in System -> Settings -> Application or if you have SSL certificate uploaded to UCRM.