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Help needed with the best configuration options in UCRM...

Having some challenges getting everything to work. I have read through the forum and help but cannot figure this out to save my life. 


First, should we have every device set up in the system? Right now we only have the core router set up. Every customer ends up back at this router no matter how they connect. At the moment the entire network is in bridge mode (we will be changing this in the future). We have clients that connect into ETH1 via an airMax CPE. We have clients coming into ETH2 in one of two ways... they either have fiber to the door and thus only have a personal router in their house or they are on a wireless connection with an airMax CPE at their house being fed from a micro pop we set up to extend service from the fiber connection. 


Anyone on an airMax radio has two IPs assigned... one on a 10.x.x.x network (management VLAN in the radio) and a public IP assigned to their personal router. 


Where we are getting tripped up is how to set up the devices in UCRM. On the EDIT SERVICE DEVICE page, we have the core router selected as the Connected To (and we pick the appropriate port). Should this be the client radio instead? We assume the IP is supposed to be the clients IP so which do we use there? The management IP on the radio or the public IP of their personal router? 


Further down they want the Management IP. Is the management IP the one on the core router or the one on the CPE? 


None of the instructions are clear... driving me nuts. 

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Re: Help needed with the best configuration options in UCRM...

i will try to make it clear:

Probably the main info which you are missing is that UCRM is currently not designed for managing client's devices = home wifi devices, voip devices, etc. behind CPE device in the router mode.

Client devices:
Basically, you just need to add a CPE device to the client's service which you want to shape or suspend or which you want to measure netflow for. Use the IP of the client's CPE, which is the IP visible by the gateway router. This router handles the shaping, suspension or netflow based on this IP. Don't use the management IP or the IP of some home wifi router whose IP is NATed by the CPE.

Network devices:
You can add all network devices to UCRM. But to make things easier you can just create the gateway router.

Our Plans:
handling devices will become much easier through the planned integration with UNMS which handles devices easily (UNMS is capable of auto discovery, device import, etc)

CPE's "Connected To" parameter
This is to identify which network device(typically gateway router) is the client's CPE connected to.