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How do I do a manual credit card payment?

Dumb question but if a customer calls in to pay an invoice over the phone, how do you do it by credit card?  If you press add payment it just asks for payment, even if you pick Stripe it just saves.  How do you actually enter the card details?  If you log into the client zone and hit make payment it asks for card details etc.  Not all customers have a client account though, like people just making a one time hardware purchase.

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Re: How do I do a manual credit card payment?

Hello @lmoreau, currently this is only possible from the Client Zone. You can get there as administrator by clicking the "View as client" button on client's detail.

Other way would be to add the online payment link placeholder to a custom invoice template and click on the link generated there.


This can certainly be improved by adding the online payment button to admin side as well. We'll look into it for UCRM 2.16.