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Mikrotik Queue Sync Plugin

I have found this plugin here in the forums.


I installed it and went to the configuration tab.


First problem is most of it is not in english, I can work around that.


The main question I have is:


It asks for 1 IP, 1 User, 1 Password.

Does this mean it will only sync queues to only 1 MT?


If that is the case, this means you need all of your network traffic running through 1 MT in order for it to do anything. We have 2 uplinks/boarders which would mean we would require it to work with a minimum of 2 MT Routers. Also we normally do our queues per tower so that means every Gateway Router.


As a work around at this point I was going to try to upload the plugin twice so I could have 2 instances, but it recognizes I already have it and acts as an update (which is good in a normal scenario).


Is there a way I can change the Name on it somehow to have a 1 and 2 so I can set 1 up for Boarder 1 and 2 up for Boarder 2

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Re: Mikrotik Queue Sync Plugin

You can use the same plugin twice if you use a different name for it: open the plugin's source files, and use a different name in the manifest.json file.
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Re: Mikrotik Queue Sync Plugin

The other option is to build a radius server. Then the radius server can set the speed limits for each device on every tower. If you do mac address authentication I have a script that will pull the information from ucrm and dump it in free radius. for mac address authentication.
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Re: Mikrotik Queue Sync Plugin

Perdon la ignorancia, pero que hace basicamente este plugin, lo instale, lo configure se sincroniza con el MKT, pero no veo que haga las colas.