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New UCRM hotfix version 2.15.0-beta5 released!

Hi all,

new UCRM hotfix 2.15.0-beta5 is now available. Please upgrade to this latest beta version using the in-app upgrade button.


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2.15.0-beta5 (2018-01-21)


  • Translations updated - thanks to the community translators.
  • Added invoice.draft_approved webhook event.


  • PHP upgraded to version 7.2.14


  • Fixed possible crash on the organization detail page.
  • Export of payment receipt PDF is now correctly ordered based on the order used in the payment grid.
  • Fixed failing API endpoint: GET webhook-event.
  • Fix for automatic payment receipts not being generated for payments and for payments imported via CSV file.
  • Geocoding not automatically triggered in some cases after Client CSV import, additionally, more improvements and validations were added to this feature.
  • Fixed failing manual invoice edit in some rare cases.
  • Fixes and improvements for Proforma invoicing (client zone - processed proforma no longer has "pay online" button, processed proformas are now included in "send unsent invoices" modal)
  • Fixed services being created by changing "Create invoice X days in advance" value in new service form.
  • Fixed long PDF generation when containing large overview tables.
  • Fix invoices sent twice when using "send all unsent invoices" modal as of 2.15.0-beta4.
  • UI/UX improvements.

Additionally, this version comprises all the fixes and improvements up to v 2.14.6


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Please let us know what you like or dislike about the latest improvements. Thank you for your feedback!

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Re: New UCRM hotfix version 2.15.0-beta5 released!

Please fix the Admin pages. In previous versions when i login to my admin account from my cell phone it use to format for mobile. Now it defaults to the desktop version and that is prettt much useless to me. At least add it as an option to be turned on and off. Its impossible to work from a 6 inch screen when desktop view is all you have. 

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Re: New UCRM hotfix version 2.15.0-beta5 released!

Hello @mattvaughn , as the admin zone is mostly not prepared for use no mobile phones (opposed to client zone), the view was changed couple of months back (in 2.14.0-beta1) to desktop version. You can easily zoom in using your phone's features (e.g. pinch-to-zoom).

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Re: New UCRM hotfix version 2.15.0-beta5 released!

@mattvaughn  I have to agree with that. Very poor experience in mobile version. Also the app is not usable either.