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New UCRM upgrade released: 2.13.1

Hi all,

new UCRM hotfix release is now available with several fixes and improvements.


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2.13.1 (2018-09-11)


  • New placeholder "Online Payment Link" enabled in the Invoice PDF template. Similarly to the "new invoice email" placeholder introduced in 2.13.0 this can be used for a direct redirection to the payment page with no need to log in to the client zone.


  • Frozen client edit page caused by Geocoding API being disabled in the user's Google account. UCRM can now prevent the page from being frozen in this case.
  • Payment ID placeholder not working in the payment receipt template.
  • Better PayPal validation errors and unsupported currency error. Additionally, these currencies are now supported in UCRM PayPal integration: HUF, JPY, TWD.
  • Fixed error when editing client's data usage manually.
  • Minor fixes, improved validations.

Note that this is a new upgraded version incorporating all new features released in version 2.13.0


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