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New UCRM upgrade released: v2.10.2

Hi all,

new UCRM version with several upgrades and fixes has been released. Check the details below.


Use the in-app upgrade tool.

If you are running UCRM v. 2.6.0+ or 2.6.0-beta2+, use the in-app upgrade tool. Otherwise, use this guide to upgrade.


Feature requests

please add a new one or upvote an existing one in  UCRM Feature Requests





  • "Amount Paid" on invoice preview is now shown as a positive number, same as it is shown in invoice PDF.
  • Fixed wrong URL generated for notification and emails in case a custom HTTPS port is used.
  • Fixed tax report not containing all invoices whose created date didn't belong to specified date range due to UCRM time zone.
  • Added support for CORS, fixing API error 405.
  • Fixed issues with plugin update.
  • Minor fixes and UI/UX improvements.
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Re: New UCRM upgrade released: v2.10.2

hello, I did the update from the application and now it just shows me:

One moment, please.
The site is temporarily out of service for maintenance. Please, try again in a few minutes.

what should I do?
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Re: New UCRM upgrade released: v2.10.2

@paezdaniel100 it usually takes a few minutes for UCRM to upgrade and come back online.