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New UCRM version 2.10.0 stable released!

Great news, we got a new UCRM version for you along with UCRM Plugins - the headline feature of UCRM v2.10. They let you add new and exciting functionality to the UCRM platform and even allow you to create your own custom features! Read more about plugins.


Update Instructions

If you are running UCRM v. 2.6.0+ or 2.6.0-beta2+, use the in-app upgrade tool.

Otherwise, use this guide to upgrade.


Feature requests

please add new one or upvote an existing one in  UCRM Feature Requests


New major features in version 2.10.0

  • Plugins - plugins are open source modules which can be uploaded into UCRM. Check out the Plugins repository.
  • Webhooks - configurable URL endpoints which will be automatically triggered in case of actions related to invoicing (such as a new invoice or new payment created). Additionally, you can set any plugin (its public URL) as the webhook endpoint.
  • Canned responses for Ticketing.
  • Automatic remote backups for UCRM backup files (sync with Dropbox).

Read more about the major improvements in 2.10.0


Note that this release comprises all new features and fixes from version 2.10.0-beta1 to 2.10.0-beta4 and additionally this:


  • Incoming ticketing emails containing "report-type=delivery-status" header are no longer ignored. Thus, new ticket detection on IMAP server will be improved. Detection of "undelivered emails notices" will be handled in v2.11 by configurable email blacklist.
  • Now, when a tax for service plan is defined, it is always used for invoicing regardless of the tax defined in service settings.


  • Failing Authorize.Net sandbox payments. Authorize.Net SDK updated.
  • Fixed ticketing email matching with clients. All client's emails besides those marked as "login" are now used for matching. Additionally, in case the client's email is not unique, the ticket is not matched to any client automatically.
  • Broken email format when "email resend" was used.
  • Order of services shown on automatically created invoices corresponds with the services shown in the client's profile page now.
  • Sample client CSV for batch import extended to comprise all possible client's attributes which can be imported.
  • Minor fixes.

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