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New UCRM version 2.12.0-beta2 released!

Hi all,

new UCRM version with several improvements and fixes has been released. Check the details below.


Feature requests

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2.12.0-beta2 (2018-06-11)


  • Improved CSV import enabling you to create clients along with their services in a single batch. See the sample CSV file in System > Tools > Client import.
  • Quotes are now shown in the Client Zone.
  • UCRM plugins are now included in the UCRM backup file.
  • Bach payments improvements, UI fixes, and better validations.
  • Batch invoice sending improvements, UI upgrade.
  • Improved configuration of UCRM backup sync on Dropbox.
  • Downloaded ticket attachments are now included in the UCRM backup file. If you delete downloaded attachment from UCRM, it will not be included, but can still be downloaded from the IMAP inbox.


  • Symfony updated to 3.4.11.


  • Some tickets not visible in the list in some cases when there are many tickets in the list already (both for the global ticket list and client's ticket list).
  • Empty invoices or invoice drafts being created automatically for clients and services not eligible for invoicing, in some cases.
  • Permissions of non-admin groups for newly added UCRM features, after UCRM is upgraded, were shown as "view" while they were actually "denied" in System > Security section. Now, it's shown as denied properly.
  • Minor bug fixes, UI improvements and tooltips.
  • Fixes in apiary docs.


We listen to your feedback

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Re: New UCRM version 2.12.0-beta2 released!

What about importing custom payment with custom id ?


Any eta for this ?

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stuck on maintenance page after updating to 2.12.0-beta2

I clicked the update button and now i'm stuck on this page. What do I need to do to fix this?down ucrm.png

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Re: stuck on maintenance page after updating to 2.12.0-beta2

Hello @HernandoBB, please post the output of following commands:

sudo docker ps
sudo docker logs ucrm_web_app_1
cat /home/ucrm/data/ucrm/updates/update.log

This is mainly to find the cause. To fix it, you can try running the update manually with:

cd /home/ucrm
curl -fsSL | sudo bash -s -- 2.12.0-beta2 | sudo tee update.log