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Question Regarding uCRM & IPv6 / OSPF / BGP

So, right now we have 2 different 1 gig fiber lines, and 1/2 our customers on each seperate network.  We are ready to link the 2 networks and to engage OSPF / BGP to tie the 2 different fiber connections into 1 network.  1 fiber is in 1 town, the 2nd is in another town 20 miles away, with repeaters linked with airFibers.  My question was, what I had planned to do, if I understand moving from 1 single subnet and a switched network ( only switches in the towers ) to a routed one ( where there is also a router in the tower ). so I have several questions regarding this and how uCRM handles these types of network layouts.

1. for example, if I understand this right, I can for example, set my core nework to 10.5.x.x/20 or something, and then set the 2 core routers and all point 2 point connections between the towers to that network and assign the tower routers an IP out of that network, then set a pool of DHCP IPv6 /64 networks for customer routers, my question is, can uCRM handle this type of IP arrangement?

2. Am I understand how to set up a routed network correctly?  I also want to be able to use the UNMS to manage all my ubuqiti devices and want to know if it can handle an OSPF / BGP IPv6 / IPv4 Hybrid Network.

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Re: Question Regarding uCRM & IPv6 / OSPF / BGP

Hi @HyperFusion for UCRM, the network topology is not so important. You could rather configure and maintain your network in UNMS (also feel free to post any network-related features to UNMS forum)

Currently, it's just important for client's services to have their IPs accessible by UCRM. (with OSPF, VPN, whatever works for you) and this applies to the UCRM's outage detection only. If you use UNMS for outage detection, you don't need the IPs to be accessible by UCRM.