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Questions for UBNT regarding uCRM SEtup

Okay, so heres my basic setup, I have connection 1 in city A with 500 megs of thru put, with an Edge Router Pro as its primary router, then I have connection 2 in ciy B with 1000 megs of thru put, with an Edge Router, I'd like to engage OSPF across my tower network in between the 2 cities, and make it so all my gear lives on 1 single /18 private LAN ( example :      I have my network currently seperated into 2 networks, lets call them the north and the south.

the south network, connection 1, in City A, has the uCRM server behind it.  Since I don't have the routers / networks connected yet, uCRM reports all the connections in City B as offline.  I'm curious, what would @UBNT-Petr might suggest with this.

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Re: Questions for UBNT regarding uCRM SEtup

this is a question of routing. The OSPF or VPN tunneling could work but there might be more ways probably how to solve this. Maybe the community could help. Certainly, the goal is clear, connect the second network with the first one.

Also note that we are just working on integration with UNMS, which will solve this issue automatically because the UNMS server can manage and collect info from all your devices from any network.