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Refunds and Sales tax issues.

I do not understand why you do not have it to properly process refunds? I have worked with a lot of CRM software and never have I had to go to the Authorize, Stripe, or PayPal and process it manually. If your API is coded properly, we should be able to click on the invoice, do a full or partial refund and UCRM should take careof it on both sides. You also need to add tax setups or allow grouping of items into a crouped item where you have uncommon sales taxes. Example is Texas, where the frist $25 is not taxed and the remainder is. This makes me not want to use UCRM just for these very reasons. If we do decide to use it we will not use the billing side. You have a good software, you just need to fix the accounting side of it.

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Re: Refunds and Sales tax issues.

Hi @HBroadband, thanks for sharing your thoughts. We are continuously upgrading UCRM features and adding new ones. The tax grouping will appear in the next version 2.16 (allowing compound taxes as well), the Texas taxes are also in our TODO list, but first, we need to focus on the needs of most WISPs. That's why we use feature requests which help us prioritize our development:

Please add vote for Texas taxes:
Refunds through Stripe: