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UCRM 2.0.7 Released (7-1-2016)

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Today we are releasing UCRM version 2.0.7!


We invite you to use our new Billing solution, UCRM. Install your own local instance of UCRM to manage your business by keeping track of your customer database, invoices, and payments. This software has been built from the ground up specifically for the WISP industry to allow you to easily setup services, invoices, and process credit card payments.


You may preview UCRM before installing your own instance here:

UCRM Live Demo

Username/Password = admin/admin


Please start a new thread with any feedback or issues.


2.0.7 (2016-07-01)


  • Authorize.Net support for one-time payments
  • Client impersonation feature. As an admin user you can now log in to client zone and see exactly the same what the client can see.
  • Refunds feature. You can create a refund for client upto the amount of client's credit. (not connected to online payment gateways)
  • Custom CSV imports for entities: client, payment. You can upload your custom csv file and match the csv columns with corresponding entity attributes. (Settings | Tools | CSV import)
  • UCRM database backups are created periodically. Backup download and restore feature is enabled. (Settings | Tools | Database backup)
  • Invoices and Payments overview grid can be filtered and exported into pdf
  • Invoice notes for client (visible to client and placed into the invoice) and invoice notes for admin (not visible to client)
  • Personalization of email notifications is enabled using wysiwyg editor (Settings | General | Notifications)
  • You can setup/change port numbers used for UCRM app and UCRM suspend page.
  • Improvements in Tax settings (tax cannot be deleted because of reporting and accountant purposes, it can be replaced globally with new tax though)
  • Database encryption for mailer and device passwords. (Make sure to backup your encryption key, you can find it at /home/ucrm/data/ucrm/data/encryption/crypto.key)
  • Organization based invoice template settings - You can set whether to include tax id and bank account into invoice)
  • User actions are logged now. Actions such as generating invoices, batch actions, logins, etc.
  • You can add manually a custom log entry to each client.


  • Service IP is not validated against router IP ranges (changed to recommendation)
  • Client id is validated to be unique now.
  • Vast performance improvements
  • More user friendly Device interface form
  • Payment entity always comprises currency now
  • Client search should now provide better results
  • Better grid pagination (items per page, control links)
  • Service name now not required and inherited from service plan if not provided
  • Mailer now uses "Sender address" from settings as "Sender" email header and includes "From" field as well
  • Editing "Invoicing from" field on service now possible, if no invoice exists for the service
  • "U CRM Billing" renamed to "UCRM"
  • "Tariffs" renamed to "Service plans"
  • Minor UI changes


  • Sending notifications for overdue invoices is handled properly
  • Service status is reloaded after every change (when suspended or stopped)
  • Fixed password reset for clients and admins
  • Fixed GPS address resolving
  • Fixed duplicate client ID error in new client form
  • Using new user groups with custom permissions works properly now.


See full Change Log history on github here.

For installation instructions view our install guide here.

For update instructions view our update guide here.

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Re: UCRM 2.0.7 Released (7-1-2016)

@UBNT-Jordan  When will we see a Fix for the suspended page. And also for mikrotik router when you manually suspend a customer from UCRM it doesn't send over to the address list in mikrotik router. all of these features was working perfectly in the previous version until we update this new version 

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Re: UCRM 2.0.7 Released (7-1-2016)



The following has no url link....



For installation instructions view our install guide here.

For update instructions view our update guide here.

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Re: UCRM 2.0.7 Released (7-1-2016)

@XtriNet I will check on that issue you are seeing with 2.0.7


@DStahl Thank you, I have updated the links.