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UCRM 2.0.8 Released (7-15-2016)

UCRM version 2.0.8 has been Released!
For update instructions view our update guide here.

We invite you to use our new Billing solution, UCRM. Install your own local instance of UCRM to manage your business by keeping track of your customer database, invoices, and payments. This software has been built from the ground up specifically for the WISP industry to allow you to easily setup services, invoices, and process credit card payments.

You may preview UCRM before installing your own instance here:
UCRM Live Demo
Username/Password = admin/admin

Please start a new thread with any feedback or issues.

2.0.8 (2016-07-15)


*Easy SSL support (Upload certificate files at Settings | Tools | SSL certificate and restart)
*Select boxes for clients now allow searching
*When creating an invoice you can also set up a new tax or product
*Invoiced revenue report PDF export
*Added PDF page size settings (US letter, US legal and A4)
*Additional form fields validations
*Added missing "approve" and "void" buttons for invoices in client's billing section



*Admin users now can set their first and last name
*CSV import validation improved
*Better layout for user group permissions
*Invoice form now contains different buttons for "save" and "save and send" instead of checkbox to send email to client


*Fixed problems with deleted services, devices and sites
*Fixed suspend page error "File not found"
*Password reset fixed
*Attaching an invoice to new payment fixed
*Fixed background scripts execution
*Various minor fixes

See full Change Log history on github here.
For installation instructions view our install guide here.
For update instructions view our update guide here.